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It’s Raining Gold: Transforming a Hallway Frame with Gold Leaf.

It’s Raining Gold: Transforming a Hallway Frame with Gold Leaf.

It’s Raining Gold: Transforming a Hallway Frame with Gold Leaf.

My friend Debbie asked me to gold leaf a frame that was attached to the wall in her hallway. Without hesitation, I gladly accepted the offer and recruited my incredibly talented Master Class student Steve Burt to come along with me on-site and help.

Preparing a hallway frame for gold gilding.

The two of us worked diligently together. We taped everything carefully – all areas that touched the mirror and walls alike – to ensure our results turned out immaculate. Then, we proceeded to gold-leaf the frame with imitation gold leaf.

When we brushed off the faux gold leaf, you could see Debbie’s pure excitement as she stood underneath it and enjoyed having “gold rain” on her. Needless to say, she was extremely happy with our work, and her hallway was transformed in just a matter of four hours!

It is amazing how adding gold leaf can completely transform a space. No matter the size of the project, I’m always thankful that gold leafing can bring so much joy into people’s lives; Debbie’s reaction was absolutely priceless.

A gold gilded hallway frame

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