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Ceiling gilding – Southern Highlands NSW

Ceiling gilding – Southern Highlands NSW

Ceiling gilding – Southern Highlands NSW

Best working holiday ever!

Our Master Class students enjoyed the paid hands-on experience.
We were given the opportunity to stay on the estate in the beautiful Lake View cottage.
After a hard day’s work, everybody enjoyed sitting in front of the open fireplace with a glass of mulled wine.

Our gilding team completed the gilding of both ceilings. We had great cooperation from Nick, the Builder and his team during the 2 weeks we worked on site.

We gilded 370 linear meters in our Surry Hills Studio (see photo) which were sent to the work site before we started.
Mouldings have been touched up on site where necessary and ready for the wall paper hangers.
Nick was very pleased with our work.

We got a very special letter of appreciation from the owner.

“I have returned to NSW after a long stint away with work. I visited our house in Exeter and I wanted to write to let you that the work you completed looks absolutely beautiful. It’s really quite breathtaking.

Thank you sincerely for helping to restore our house to its former glory.

If it’s no trouble for you, can I ask that you please relay my personal and heartfelt appreciation to Karl and the whole team for their fantastic work. Their efforts are truly very much appreciated.

Best wishes,