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Welcome to the Art Gilding Academy: Gold Leafing Classes


Welcome to Art Gilding, a world leader in metal leaf gilding services.

Here, you can discover how the timeless art of metal leaf application can bring a unique contemporary and classic decoration to your home or other premises by visiting our interiors and architectural finishes page.

Take one of our gilding courses to learn how to practice this ancient, fine craft yourself.

It takes just 9 days to complete our Professional Master Gilding Class.

Visit our Art Gilding Gallery to see photos of our past projects.

“It is our passion to pass on our considerable skills to anyone who wishes to learn this age old craft of gilding. It is our commitment to give every student support, in order to maximize their potential and help them to reach their goals”

There is no other place in the world that will teach you every aspect of gilding in a nine day professional Master Gilding Class.

During these nine days you learn more than you could in a three- year apprenticeship as we provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere to all our students who always enjoy the fun in the studio.Under the tutelage of Master Gilder Karl Eggert, students have the benefit of 50 years gilding experience.

For your benefit, we take only four students per class.

On completion of the Master Gilding Course you will receive a certificate, you also become a lifetime member of our Goldfinger Club.This entitles you to free ongoing support and help with every project you undertake in the future as well as a 20% discount on all A 1 materials you purchase. (see current pricelist on Website) This means that you are never on your own!

Completing the Master Gilding Course will not only add skills to your chosen profession, but also offers you the freedom to build up a business and work from home.

During the year we also invite our Master Class students to join the Art Gilding team on a number of gilding projects to offer them hand-on experience under the watchful eye of the experts.

Max. 4 students per class

  • 15th to 23rd of February
  • 8th to 16th of March
  • 5th to 13th of April
  • 17th to 25th of May
  • 14th to 22nd of June
  • 19th to 27th of July
  • 23rd to 31st of August
  • 20th to 28th of September
  • 18th to 26th of October
  • 15th to 23rd of November

Max. 6 students per class

  • 8th/9th of February
  • 1st/2nd of March
  • 29th/30th of March
  • 3rd/4th of May
  • 7th/8th of June
  • 5th/6th of July
  • 16th/17th of August
  • 6th/7th of September
  • 11th/12th of October
  • 1st/2nd of November

Classes start at 10am and finishes at 4pm


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