Gilding Master Classes

Get the midas touch – And become a professional gilder

With no previous knowledge required, you’ll learn everything you need to know about gilding from our pre-eminent expert, Master Craftsman, Karl Eggert.

Master Gilding Class

The extensive 9-day class covers all aspects of gilding from basic techniques to advanced knowledge. Students who have taken the master class tell us that they greatly benefit from such continuous learning, finishing the 9-day course with tremendous confidence in their own gilding ability.

Each day, the course instructions are summarized in lecture folders for you to take home. These notes serve as an excellent reference for your future projects.

In the past year Art Gilding has invited Master Class students to join in on a number of projects in Sydney and interstate to give them hands-on experience. This is a win/win situation for everybody concerned.

Each course is held with a maximum of 4 students.

Available Master class dates for 2015 are scheduled for:

September 19-27 Register
October 10-18 Register
November 14-22 Register


Master Gilding Classes will be held over a period of nine days, starting on the Saturday at 10am and finishing on the Sunday the following week at 4pm.
Classes starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm every day.
Course cost is $3740.

For more information please call Art Gilding on 02 9310 3007.

Become a member of the Goldfinger Club

You’ll receive:

  • Free ongoing advice for any project- phone and email support.
  • Generous discounts of 10-20% on all materials and supplies*.
  • Master class graduates receive 20% discounts.

We’ve found that good support is the key to success for many of our students so we’re passionate about making sure you get the most out of our courses.

Man taking our gilding classes