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Featured Product - Basic Gilding Starter Kit

Everything you need to get started on your gold leafing project

Basic Gilding Kit


  • Acrylic Bole
  • Gold Size
  • Shellac (Sealer)
  • Antiquing
  • 4 Brushes
  • 100 Sheets of Dutch Metal Leaf
  • 1 Pair Cotton Gloves
  • Instructions for use

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Gilding is the art or craft of applying extremely thin sheets of gold– gold leaf, to objects and artefacts to enhance or alter their appearance. Once considered the preserve of a few skilled specialists, gilding is now readily accessible to anyone, and with just a little practice or tuition you could be gilding at home!

Commonly today, Dutch Metal is used as an affordable alternative to gold, the combination of mostly copper with some zinc creates the appearance of gold leaf but at a fraction of the cost. This is of course great news for the amateur gilder who can practice the craft at a very reasonable price and here at Art Gilding we provide a full range of all the equipment and materials that you need to begin gilding in the comfort of your own home. Our basic starter kit for home gilders contains acrylic bole (base), gold size (glue), shellac (sealant) antiquing (to create distressed appearance), 4 brushes plus 100 sheets of Dutch Metal along with a pair of cotton gloves and a set on instructions of how to achieve the best results.

 We also supply tools and materials for the more experienced gilder including 12 to 24 karat white gold and gold leaf, alongside silver leaf and aluminium leaf, plus all the requisites that you could possibly need. For all of your gold leaf gilding supplies, or for some friendly advice as to the materials that you may need for your project, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Art Gilding.