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Returning Beauty to the City!

Returning Beauty to the City!

Bringing Life to the Boy and Paddle Statue with 24k Gold Leaf


Boy and Paddle Statue with 24k Gold Leaf

We recently completed another fantastic project as part of the Art Gilding Academy. This project was a City of Sydney Council restoration commissioned by RJC Group, which tasked us with giving life back to the Boy and Paddle cast iron statue in Paddington, NSW.

Boy and Paddle Statue with 24k Gold Leaf

The statue was delivered to our studio, and we started work covering it with 24k gold leaf. Our team worked diligently to ensure that every detail was covered. Finally, after much hard work and dedication, the statue was restored to its original state and mounted back onto a fountain in Strong Memorial Reserve in Paddington, NSW.

Boy and Paddle Statue with 24k Gold Leaf

We love being able to bring history back to life through our artistry! The entire process was an absolute delight and a wonderful learning experience for everyone involved. From starting out with bare metal to restoring its former glory with 24k gold and mounting it back up – this project could not have gone better!

We are always proud of the work that we do, but this project especially gave us great pride.

Studio News – The Exciting Variety of Projects at the Art Gilding Studio

Work in our Art Gilding studio is always exciting! Every day is different, and there is always a huge variety of projects to work on. From antiques and modern frames to Buddha and angel statues, our team takes great pride in transforming various objects with gold leaf and gilding. We also gild clocks, tables, chairs, and so much more.

Each project comes with its own unique challenges and rewards, making it such a thrilling experience for everyone involved. We get to create amazing works of art while gaining valuable knowledge and skills along the way. It’s truly a unique opportunity that we’re proud to be a part of!

The joy of creating beautiful works of art with gold leaf motivates us every day as we strive to make each project even better than the last. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved in all our years of gilding and keep pushing ourselves further with each new project that comes through.

Learn Professional Master Gilding Techniques at the Art Gilding Academy

If you’re looking to become a professional master gilder, our Art Gilding Academy is the perfect place to gain the skills and techniques you need. We offer an intensive Masterclass covering all aspects of gilding. You will learn about the different types of metal leaf available and materials required, to advanced techniques such as burnishing and patination. Our experienced team of experts will provide you with the hands-on guidance needed for success.

The in-depth training program provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of gilding. From selecting materials to the various ways to handle metal leaf plus using the multiple tools available, our students learn everything they need to know to become truly proficient in this specialised art form. They also have access to real-world projects that allow them to apply their new skills whilst being paid.

Our Professional Master Gilding class gives students a unique chance to refine their proficiency in gilding while learning from our talented professionals. With us, you’ll be able to develop your understanding of this creative art form and hone your technical expertise. It’s an excellent way to gain in-depth knowledge of gilding.

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